The Reception Hall Restaurant "Villa Maria"

The Reception Hall Restaurant "Villa Maria" was born in the Village from Mario, Mandatoriccio Sea, a resort in Calabria consists of Hotel, Bungalow and Camping area bathed by a sea with a fabulous beach of sand and pebbles.

Characterized by elegance and style of the rooms, cozy and comfortable made by the care for the furniture and the quality 'of the finishes, the Reception Hall Restaurant "Villa Maria" can' accommodate up to a maximum of 400 user-friendly.

The harmony of colors and materials, combined with good taste in the choice of details, makes it nice to stay inside and create the right atmosphere to any event, whether it be facilities, or other ceremonies, where the flavor of wines reported in the fine wine and food, cooked on site and on time by cooks refined, bridal beauty, the peace, the green and the blue of the surrounding environment.

At the Reception Hall Restaurant "Villa Maria" can give life to your party unique and unrepeatable, passion, professionalism, 'quality', experience, trends, and many other qualities' will make any event memorable and exciting.